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Internal screen

Tube type - is a pipe, fixed from one end to the inner collar of the metal hose, used in the transportation of high temperature environment (e.g. exhaust gases), to prevent the bellows burning out. It is applied on products of small length, as this type of internal screen does not allow a hose to work while it’s bent.
Rolled-non-hermetic stainless steel cover, formed by profiling and rolling in a spiral, used as an internal screen to strengthen the structure, dissipate the temperature of the working environment to prevent damage to the main bellows.
Braided - is a steel mesh braiding, placed inside the bellows to disperse the temperature of the medium to prevent the damage of the main bellows.
PTFE - tube is used to prevent contact of highly corrosive environment with the bellows material, end fittings; as a rule, it is used in chemical industry, in working with acids, chemical compounds or highly adhesive environment.