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Quality standards for metal RGM hoses produced by UZM

Quality standards for metal RGM hoses produced by UZM

All metal hoses of Ufa Factory of Metal Hoses are manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications of 3695-001-92820828-2011 developed by our designers. This allows us to maintain high quality standards and successfully compete with other products on the market.


Materials used in manufacture of metal hoses are tested before production; this allows excluding the usage of low-quality raw materials and reducing the defects rate. Only certified components are lent to a process-system.


The whole range of permits, including certificates of conformity with GOST R, declarations of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union 032-2013, 010-2010, was obtained for RGM metal hoses, allowing the usage and operation in the most difficult conditions. 100% testing allows to exclude cases of supplying leaky products. The control is carried out in two directions: for strength and leak tightness.