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The metal RGM hoses produced by the UZM

The metal RGM hoses produced by the UZM

The flexible metal hose consists of a pressure-tight, corrugated metal hose and an outer stainless steel braid, which is used for pressure stabilisation and absorption of the reaction forces, having connecting fittings for welding at the ends.

Hoses can be welded with fittings for detachable connection at the ends.

It is a hermetic cover with annular parallel corrugations. It is made by the method of hydroforming from tube, which is welded by argon-arc welding along the length of the pipe.
It is a mesh type protective cover made of stainless steel 321 wire, which allows to ensure the performance of the hose under the influence of various loads, as well as the pulsation of pressures arising during transportation on the flexible element of the working environment. Braiding should fit tightly to the hose, do not have any ragged parts.
It is a protective element of the hose, placed inside the flexible part to eliminate / reduce contact of corrugating with the medium, or due to its presence to extend the service life of the product.
Is a part of the hose in which the flexible part is enclosed to prevent various effects (thermal, mechanical, etc.). It is selected based on the expected operating conditions of the product.
The metal hose of the RGM (pressure-tight metal hoses) series has the marking placed directly on the end fittings of the metal hose or located on labels, metal tags attached directly to a metal hose.

RGM 50-40-1, 0 c/a


RGM - product's series (pressure-tight metal hoses);

50-nominal inner diameter of the hose in mm;

40 - the highest operating pressure of the hose in kgf / cm2 (atm.) under normal operating conditions;

1.0-nominal length of the hose assembled, m;;

c/a – availability of special end fittings in accordance with Customer requirements. A full description of the end fittings is presented in the Customer's technical passport. Hose marked without abbreviation c/a – means that hose is without valve, suitable for welding.